dodream company Company

The brand was created with the idea of realizing the "Natural Moisturizing Factor of the skin."



  • Pioneer Of Cell Science

  • Active research for cosmetics based on skin science is on a processing to meet the people’s beautiful & younger looking (Anti-aging) care requirement along with higher living standard.

    In order to comply with this beauty market trend Dodream, Co.,Ltd makes efforts to develop innovative brand new cosmetic material concerning skin care products, which leads to launching premium class skin care cosmetics.

    Our company’s priority is to approach customers worldwide under the precious motto "Pioneer Of Cell Science".

    We will try to do our best to make people’s needs related to beauty and well-being come true with appreciation toward customers and partners.

    Dodream, Co.,Ltd CEO : Shin Yong Shik

Company introduction

Dodream, Co., Ltd is a specialized cosmetic company founded in Jan.2014 and produces cosmetics made from natural Gold Cocoon extract, Gold Sericin and DCCM4 (Defined Cell Culture Media4) proving whitening, anti aging and wrinkle free effects.

Company Name Dodream Co., Ltd
CEO Shin Yong-shik
Date of establishment January 23, 2014
Capital 195 million won
Key products Golden Cocoon Mask Pack, Modeling Pack, Hair Oil Golden Cocoon Ample, Silk Finger Ball, etc.
Number of Employees 00 employees
Head office& Factory 213-52 Cheongjuyeok-ro, Gangnae-myeon, Heungdeok-gu,Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, 28170, Korea (Public relations officer inside Korea Golden Silkworm Research Institute)
Sales headquarters 2F, Gyeonwoo Plaza 119, Namdong-daero 370 beon-gil, Namdong-gu, Incheon, 21636, Korea

Business Strategies

Profit Maximization
  • Product strategy
    • 1. High functional, high value-added products

      - Improving whitening/wrinkle/problematic skin care of patent application products

    • 2. Develops differentiated products for the customer base

      - For professional/home care, etc.

  • Price strategy
    • 1. High-priced noblesse marketing
    • 2. Hierarchical, customizable pricing

      - Professional, general, mart, online.

    • 3. Pricing Specialization Strategy (Original Sales)
  • Distribution strategy
    • 1. Distribution of National Skin Care Shop (29,000 units)

      - Professional, general, mart, online.

    • 2. Door to Door sales market (OEM)
    • 3. Salesl (One Brand Shop, Big distribution mart)
  • Promotion marketing strategy
    • 1. Differentiated promotion strategies

      - Focus on target contact media

    • 2. Promote Early Brand Landing Strategy
    • 3. Marketing using customer DB


  • Sales strategy
    • · Differentiating strategies such as Nobless marketing
    • · Selectively Trusted Products Management
    • · Developing and distributing new brand-based products in Golden Cocoon
    • · Creating new horizons in the industry with online and offline marketing synergies