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The brand was created with the idea of realizing the "Natural Moisturizing Factor of the skin."

Golden silkworm


Silkworms are considered rare and highly utilized bugs, and have been studied and used in various fields, including functional foods, adult disease treatments, and diabetes treatments.

  • The Worm in the Sky “Silkworm”

    Since ancient times, silkworms have been called "the worm in the sky" in the East and they have been marked by insects under the sky.

  • Silkworm cleanliness, stability

    Because silkworms don't like loud noises, filthy people, smoke or smell, the environment of silkworms must be kept clean, and if they eat mulberry leaves sprayed with pesticide, they shrivel up and die.

  • Bonchogangmok: Application of silkworms

    It is said that if you burn "silkworm" and take the ash as a drink, you treat the radishes, and the next day you get pus and heal.

Production process of Golden Cocoon

Common Silkworm
Golden Silkworm
  • The golden silk ,produced by the traditional breeding method has a unique gold color that is 100% natural material by the joint development center with Chungbuk National University Silkworm RIS Business group.
  • Gold Sericin contained in gold silk is a complex protein composed 75% fibroin and 25% Sericin. Its ingredient is similar to NMF (natural moisturizing factor) which has excellent skin affinity.
※ What is the traditional bleeding method?

A method of producing golden cocoons by alternating silkworms several times.

The differences between Golden Sericin and Sericin

1. Amino acid content: Golden silkworm contains more essential amino acids than normal silkworms.

The skin is composed with various proteins such as collagen, elastin and keratin.

When the amino acid being absorbed into the skin, it activates fibroblasts to generate a lot of skin proteins, so that the skin getting "firm and firm.”

2. Whitening effect: Golden silkworm contains more whitening ingredient than normal silkworm.

Mulberry, a food that is consumed by golden silkworms, is known to be effective against antioxidants and whitening.

Therefore, gold sericin ingredient of golden silk produced by traditional breeding method shows excellent whitening effect compared to common sericin.

Gold Sericin's Outstanding Whitening Effect

Effet of gold silkworm extract

  1. 100% natural protein raw material - Gold sericin
  2. Rare species of Korean production, patent materials, unique gold colors
  3. Similar ingredients to NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) and excellent skin affinity
  4. Improving skin tone, antioxident, whitening effect, and helping to reduce wrinkles
  5. Joint Development with RIS Business Group of Chungbuk National University